What is Fuel Train Recover?

3 steps to better running performance, body composition, and relationship with food and exercise

This 16 week course is for runners who are completely and totally fed up with feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the nutrition and training information you read online. You're ready to figure out this nutrition and training stuff once and for all!

The past two years have not been easy as a runner! We’ve had canceled races, gym closures, travel restrictions, and more stress and uncertainty in our lives than ever before. You might have found yourself lacking motivation, had setbacks or delays in your training schedule, or been stuck in your house for weeks on end. 

You might feel out of shape, like you lost so much of the fitness you've spend years building up. 

But, you’ve got your sights set on this coming year and are ready to tackle it head on. You want to finally figure out the right balance of all this nutrition and training stuff so you can feel confident in your strategy AND cross the finish line faster. 

You might be fed up with GI issues impacting your running and want to fix your tummy troubles that you know are preventing you from performing your best. 

Maybe your running was pushed to the back burner and you’re now needing a fresh start and some new motivation.

No matter where you're at right now with your running, the Fuel Train Recover course will help make 2022 your best year of running yet!

With this course you'll

  • Fuel Better

    Learn how to fuel your body for better running performance and body composition

  • Train Smarter

    Understand how you can work smarter, not just harder to get fitter and stronger in less time

  • Recover Faster

    Use rest and recovery strategies to prevent injuries and optimize your results

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Intro Video

    2. Welcome and Intro (audio only)

    3. Your FTR Club Training Log

    4. Office Hours Zoom Link

    1. Let's Look at What You're Eating Right Now

    2. Diet Assessment Checklist and Walk-Through

    3. Dietary Assessment Checklist (Audio Only)

    4. Diet Assessment Survey

    5. Your Runner's Plate

    6. Carbohydrates 101

    7. Protein 101

    8. Fats 101

    9. Vitamins and Minerals For Runners

    10. Pre, Post, and Intra-Workout Fueling

    11. Fluids and Hydration

    12. Sample Meal Plans and Recipe Collections

    13. You've reached the end of Fueling!

    1. Types of Training Runs

    2. Strength Training for Runners

    3. Periodize Your Training

    4. Train Your Gut

    5. Tapering, Carb Loading, and Last Minute Race Prep

    6. You've reached the end of Training!

    7. The Perfect Playlists to Complement Your Running

    1. Injury Prevention Strategies

    2. Self Care for Runners

    3. You've reached the end of Recovery!

    1. Running and Weight Loss

    2. How Many Calories do You Need?

    3. Running and Your Hormones

    1. Yoga for Runners Live Class!

About this course

  • $499.00
  • 6 hours of video content

Pricing options

Choose from a one-time payment, or 4 monthly payments

What people are saying about Fuel Train Recover

“I joined this program for three reasons, (1) to build my confidence as a runner, (2) learn how to fuel and be confident in my first full marathon, and (3) know how to achieve a leaner body composition. I had so many lessons to learn about food, training, and how to fuel and take electrolytes on my runs. I had been consistent with running for a few years already but wasn't sure I could actually run the marathon. I was also confused about weight loss and running and how I could achieve a leaner body composition outside of my marathon training. Applying what I learned about fueling and training I was so happy that I didn't hit the wall during my marathon, and aside from a mild panic attack literally at mile 24 when I realized I was going to actually finish it I really did enjoy every minute. I ran it all and my favorite miles were 20-26. I also had a sprint finish! My running confidence soared. It took me a little time to adjust to the idea of eating more carbohydrates. I had a hard time initially believing that I could lose body fat and get leaner with a higher carb diet, but am happy to report that it’s actually working! ”


“"Working with Steph helped me understand how to fuel properly so I could get the most out of my workouts. Before starting this program I felt sluggish during my workouts and just didn't have the energy to give it my all. Now I understand what foods will help fuel me and I've noticed much better energy levels during training. I also got plenty of new meal ideas for when I'm cooking at home, as well as quick and on-the-go ideas for when life is busy and I'm eating on the run"”


“Over the course of several months, Stephanie walked our group through each concept in a digestible format (pun intended) that was easy to understand. All the while answering any questions I had with a very quick turnaround time. I, like several others in the group, was training for my first marathon. Stephanie was incremental in ensuring I was properly trained to take on the challenge. With her guidance on nutrition my strength routine became significantly easier to handle, and my long runs felt much more manageable. She was also a great resource when it came to making sure I took the proper rest I needed to be successful. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to optimize their athletic performance as the FTR course covers all of the fundamentals to excel in running. Stephanie is a great source of knowledge as she is both a personal trainer, a registered dietician, and a runner herself! ”


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This Course Includes

A combination of online learning and live group Q&A/coaching calls, with these bonus resources to make it all come together

  • Sample meal plans and recipe collections

    Make fueling your body easier with done for you meal plans and recipes. Includes options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

  • Training plans

    Sample training plans for base building, or helping you get ready for your big race!

  • Support and accountability

    Get help when and how you need it. Email support and live coaching will make sure you don't get stuck

Your Instructor

Stephanie Hnatiuk

Owner, Stephanie Hnatiuk Performance Nutrition

Hey There! I'm Steph the Runner's Dietitian. I've been a Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach for over 10 years, and have helped thousands of people improve their eating habits, get big results, and develop a better relationship with food. I've taken my education and expertise in the areas of both nutrition and fitness to create a one of a kind, one stop shop for runners who want to finally figure all this eating and training stuff out once and for all.